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By joining Philia you get mood and goal tracking tools as well as clear instructions to assessing your progress in coaching sessions.

The Philia App Evolution

We’re building the Philia app step by step.

Our initial launch focuses on the essentials, but as we progress, look forward to the addition of paid premium features such as our online course and interactive community features.

We’re committed to enhancing the app based on feedback and needs, aiming for a richer experience with each update.

Your Philia Journey Starts Here

Dipping your toes into the world of peer coaching has never been this straightforward.

Philia Partner Checklist

Embark on your Philia journey by selecting a Philia Partner—a dedicated peer coach for growth within the app. Success thrives on shared eagerness to grow together. Explore our partner selection checklist to begin this transformative process.

We encourage you to pair up with a person who has the same gender as you do because you will have similar experiences and face similar struggles. Therefore, we highly recommend you to choose a Philia Partner with the same gender.

Choose a Philia Partner who is a friend or acquaintance. Oftentimes, the right person is not necessarily someone you meet on a regular basis. It is more important that you click in terms of your aspirations. So, it can be beneficial to choose a friend, who is not part of your social circle. Some people, however, also like to go on the Philia Journey with their best friend. Listen to your gut.

It is best not to have romantic feelings for your Philia Partner. Philia is your space to experience and practice transformative listening skills. These skills, without doubt, also help you in your romantic partnerships. Yet, we do not recommend to go on the Philia Journey with your romantic partner or a person you have romantic feelings for. It is better to ask a friend or acquaintance.

Being inspired by someone is the number one sign of picking the right Philia Partner. Listen within and choose an inspiring and reliable friend who believes in change. That way you skyrocket your chances of success

Choose a person who wants to change and grow. You want to make sure that your Philia Partner sees your Philia Sessions as a top priority each week. Both of you need to be determined to commit to the process to let the magic unfold.

Getting Started

Ready to begin? It is as easy as one, two, three: Pair with your Philia Partner, track progress with the Progress Sheet, and dive into Sessions. Discover the simplicity of a remarkable journey.


Pair Up With Your Philia Partner

Your Philia Partner may already be right next to you! Whether your long term friend or someone you recently met, a like-minded individual who inspires you is key to a great Philia experience.


Fill in your Progress Sheet

Throughout the week, you and your Philia partner each fill in your Philia Sheets. Think of them as personal reflection guides, helping you track progress, jot down thoughts, and set intentions. It’s your space to introspect and prepare for the shared journey ahead.


Start Weekly Sessions

This is where the magic happens. You and your Philia partner come together for a dedicated hour each week. It’s a time to share, support, and strategize based on what you’ve reflected upon in your Philia Sheets. This consistent check-in is more than a chat—it’s a catalyst that propels both of you forward.

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